Chemical information problems can take a wide variety of forms. Software and automation techniques can offer powerful solutions, but few teams have both the scientific and information technology skills to get the job done. Metamolecular has been bridging this divide through consulting services since 2007.

Web Application Development

Metamolecular has worked with clients in a variety of roles to build and maintain chemistry-oriented Web applications. Specific services in this area have included: requirements gathering; user interface design and testing; technology evaluation; and custom software development on both the client and server.

Chemical Identifier Conversion

A chemical identifier allows substance to be referenced by a character sequence for use in spreadsheets and other general-purpose tools. Examples include CAS Numbers and IUPAC names. Often, however, the most interesting questions can only be answered with a chemical structure. Moving forward requires a way to convert a chemical identifier to a machine-readable structure.

Metamolecular has developed a broadly-usable, automated system for interconverting CAS numbers and IUPAC names with chemical structures.


If your chemical information problems take you outside the scope of existing software packages, Metamolecular's consulting services might be an answer. Call or write for a free consultation.