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Kemga, a Solution to the Chemical eCommerce Problem

Companies selling small organic molecule products face special challenges when building eCommerce websites. Off-the-shelf solutions lack vital functionality, and Web developers with the skill and flexibility to do the job are scarce. Even with the right tools and people, long-term maintenance costs can stack up fast. This article describes a practical solution.

Introducing Kemga

Kemga is the eCommerce platform for companies that sell small organic molecules. Kemga is a Web service, which means there's no software to install or maintain. Kemga is fully-integrated, which means that all software and services are included. Kemga is also chemistry-centric, meaning that it understands and uses chemical structures natively.


Focussing on structures allows Kemga to offer a rich set of chemistry features, including:

As an eCommerce platform, Kemga also offers these business features:

Test all of Kemga's features with the online demonstration.

Getting Started

A chemical eCommerce site can be started with as little as a catalog file containing product identifiers. Supported formats include Excel, CSV, and SDF. If no machine-readable structures are present, they can be generated from SMILES, CAS Numbers, and systematic names contained within the catalog file. Quantity, pricing, and other product metadata are read from the catalog file. Updates use the same process. Kemga rebuilds your website based on the contents of the file, eliminating the need for redundant data entry.

A Kemga preview is available to qualifying companies. Find out more by email or online.