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Quickly Move and Resize Chemical Drawings in ChemWriter

A good chemical structure editor makes drawing clean structures quick and easy. Adjusting magnification and placement (also known as zooming and panning) are two common operations that often limit drawing speed. Multiplied over the large number of structures chemists often draw in a single day, it's not hard to see how a clunky interface for zooming and panning can be the source of irritation and lost time. This holds especially true for Web applications, in which drawing space is often limited.

Effect Desktop Tablet
Zoom in Mouse Wheel Up Pinch open
Zoom out Mouse Wheel Down Pinch close
Pan Shift + Mouse Drag Pinch drag
Scale to Fit u u
Live ChemWriter Editor with Zoom & Pan Command Summary

ChemWriter solves this problem with a unified system for changing the position and magnification of structure drawings.

A full command summary can be found in the ChemWriter User Guide.