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ChemVector 1.0: Fast Client-Side Chemical Structure Rendering

I'm happy to announce that ChemVector 1.0.0 is now available. This first stable release offers a fundamentally new approach to the chemical structure imaging problem.

Chemical structure images for use in web pages are typically deployed from a server - either as dynamically generated or precompiled rasters. Both approaches impose restrictions related to performance, page design, scalability, and maintenance.

ChemVector takes advantage of the native vector graphics capabilities all browsers have had for years. Chemical structures are generated directly from source files (.mol or .cdx). Raster images are no longer necessary.

Here are some of the features that make ChemVector unique:

We have big plans for ChemVector in the months ahead, including still more performance optimizations and extensions. Your input can play a part as well. If you'd like to discuss ways that ChemVector can help your organization build better chemistry web & mobile applications, please feel free to get in touch.