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Cheminformatics for iPad: ChemTab Now Running on iOS Simulator

The last article described the achievement of one of the first major ChemTab development goals - to display a grid of chemical structures from an SD file.

We've now met the next milestone - running the current version on an iPad simulator:

For those not familiar with iOS development, one of the useful tools offered by Apple is an iPad simulator. This software was used to generate the screenshot above, and we'll be using it for future ChemTab screenshots.

Notice that there's nothing in the screenshot to indicate the presence of a browser - no address bar, no toolbars - just the app itself.

You may have also noticed the Navigation bar at the top of the screenshot. Although we're using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build ChemTab, one of our goals is to match the standard native iPad app look and feel. We'll return to this topic in future articles.