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One More Reason Why the Killer Tablet App for Laboratory Informatics is the Browser

A recent post offered some specific reasons why creators of laboratory informatics software may want to reconsider building Native Apps and instead use HTML.

Now let's say you've read that article and still decide you need a Native App. It could be that for your business, distribution through an app store makes the most sense. Or it could be that your application requires the use of the camera or accelerometer. Whatever the reason, only a Native App will do the job.

At the same time, you look with horror at the evolving balkanization in both hardware and platforms. In particular, you lack confidence that you can predict which hardware and software platform(s) your biggest customers will adopt.

PhoneGap makes it possible to build 80-90% of a mobile application using standard HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, with the remainder being native code. The resulting software looks like a Native App, works like a Native App, and can be packaged, monetized, distributed, and used like a Native App.

With a liberal open source license and excellent documentation, PhoneGap offers a compelling solution.