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ChemWriter® 3

Build clean, fast websites with structure editing, rendering, and more in pure JavaScript. Runs on all major HTML5 browsers — without plugins.

Metamolecular creates software for chemists and the teams who support them. With customers including companies and individuals engaged in research, development, and education, Metamolecular is a leader in adapting new technologies to solve chemical information problems.

Products and Services

  • ChemWriter

    Chemical structure editor and imager written in pure JavaScript.

  • Chemical Identifier Conversion

    Interconvert identifiers such as CAS numbers with machine-readable structures.

  • Structure for PHP

    Substructure and exact structure searches for PHP and WordPress websites.

  • Consulting

    Expert advice and custom code for web-based chemiformatics projects.

  • Signals Blog

    News, commentary, and tutorials about chemistry and software.