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ChemWriter® 3

Goodbye clunky applets. Build fast websites with structure editing, rendering, and more in pure JavaScript. Support users on all major HTML5 browsers.

Metamolecular creates interactive, visual software for chemists and the teams who support them. With customers including companies and individuals engaged in research, development, and education, Metamolecular is a leader in adapting new technologies to solve chemical information problems.

Products and Services

  • ChemWriter

    Chemical structure editor, imager, and cheminformatics toolkit written in pure JavaScript.

  • Signals Blog

    News, commentary, and tutorials about chemistry and software.

  • StructureMate

    Portable chemical dataset viewer for iPad and iPhone.

  • ReactionMate

    Chemical equation balancer for iPad and iPhone.

  • Reagents

    Organic reagents reference app for undergraduate-level chemistry courses. Runs on iPad and iPhone.

  • Organic Reaction Flashcards

    Undergraduate-level organic chemistry reference and self-testing tool. Runs on iPad and iPhone.